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Friday, December 29, 2006

Jesus Mafa: African Jesus

In this generation there are so many sites which present the biblical story dressed in cross-cultural trappings. I will feature several sites later which is uniquely Asian, but I want to start with African Jesus.

The site I want to feature is “The life of Jesus Mafa: Jésus in Black African Countries.” The following is a short writeup which you can find in their website:
The MAFA pictures are a coherent set of African illustrations of the Gospel. They permit a good visualisation of the Sunday mass texts for the believer's faith, the catechist's comment and the celebrant's homely. Moreover they lead to prayer and, in a spirit of acculturation, the contemplation of a black Jesus.

So why an African Christ? Click here to read the reasons!

URL" The catalogue contains 7 parts: Part one: Virgins with the Child, Part two: Childhood of Jesus, Part Three: Life and Teaching of Jesus, Part four: Miracles of Jesus, Part five: Parables, Part six: Passion of Jesus, and Part seven: Jesus has been raised. The seven parts show the 65 pictures of LIFE OF JESUS MAFA. 62 evangelic scenes and 3 pictures of Virgins with the Child.


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