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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Walter Habdank (1930-2001)

Here is a site which you will love. This is a collection of art in various media by Walter Habdank. I have included his bios from his website:

Walter Habdank is an artist of engaging and representational expression. For him, the human being balances in the tension between the extremes of joy and pain, comfort and desolation. The artist presents this again and again in his woodcuts, water-colours, and paintings in symbols and parables of mythological or biblical origin – they are prototypes of human existence. With his works, Walter Habdank inspires his “picture viewers,” as he often said, to accept the whole of creation, to encounter themselves and their own sensibilities critically and without pretense. This perspective is one of affection and comfort and directs one beyond oneself and one’s own life.

Read more about Habdank here.
Incarnation (Watercolor, 1992)
Simeon (Woodcut, 1973 based on Luke 2:25-32)

Check out his lithographs, paintings, woodcuts, watercolors, etc at the URL below:


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