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Friday, January 19, 2007

Bible Maps from StudyLight.Org

This site offers scanned pages of a complete Bible Atlas with colour maps. The headings in the table of contents will give you an idea of the scope of this online resource:


Chapter 1 The Face of the Ancient Near East
The Ancient Near East 001
Biblical Regions 001a
Modern States and the Ancient Near East 002
Mesopotamia: Homeland of Abraham 003
Egypt: Land of Bondage 004
Syria and Lebanon 005
International Routes, The King's Highway 006
Geography and Trade Routes of the Middle East 006a

Chapter 2 Natural Regions of Palestine
National Regions of Ancient Palestine 007
Physical Geography of Palestine 007a
Topography of Palestine 007b*
Cross Sectional Views of Longitudinal Zones 008
Northern Coastal Plains 009
Plain of Dor, Plain of Sharon, Samaria, et al. 010
Philistine Plain, Shephelah, Judah, and the Dead Sea 011
Arabah, Negeb, Wildernesses of Zin and Paran 012
The Old City of Jerusalem Today 012a
Modern Political Divisions of Ancient Palestine 013
Climate Patterns of Ancient Palestine 014
etc (there are 173 high quality maps available in this site - see below for examples)
Topographical Map of Northern Costal Plain, the Jezreel Valley, Galillee and Bashan

Expansion of Christianity in the 2nd to 3rd Century AD



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