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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Matt Stone's Blog

Here is a really interesting blog site which if you were attentive enough earlier, you would have visited already (there was an innocuous link in the Dec 14 '06 entry). Matt Stone has a blog exploring religious pluralism, secular spirituality, and emerging expressions of Christianity. The "non traditional visual expressions of Christian faith" make for fascinating discussion.

If you scroll down the blog, you will find toward the right hand side of the page, links to several image collections including Aboriginal images Jesus, African images Jesus, ancient images of Jesus, Anglo images of Jesus, Asian images of Jesus, Esoteric images of Jesus, and Native American images of Jesus.
Life in Nazareth (from the Asian Jesus Images Collection)

Interesting question raised through viewing all the images: When does contextualization of Christian faith end and syncretism or even blasphemy begin?



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