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Monday, January 01, 2007

Asian Christian Art Association (ii)

While you are at the Asian Christian Art Association site, visit the galleries of two other Asian artists:

Hanna Varghese, a Malaysian artist who began painting religious/biblical themes after she was inspired by artworks of Asian Christians in the early issues of IMAGE magazine. The spritual images made by other Asian Christian artists prompted her to explore the possibilities of making tangible her own understanding of her Christian sprituality and faith - for the first time.
Who will roll away the stone...? (in Batik) Mark 16:3

Li Wei San, a Christian artist from China, was an engineer. After retiring, he painted nearly 1000 Christian art works for calendars, cards, slides, book covers, and illustrations. Published works include a 300 picture "Pictorial of Jesus' story", 70 picture "Pictorial of Salvation", 110 picture "Pictorial of Revelation". Some of his Chinese traditional painting was included in several joint exhibitions in Beijing, Nanjing, Singapore, Vienna, Toronto and New York.
Nail marks (John 20:24-30)



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